Succeeding in a complex environment like China can be a difficult challenge without the right preparation and planning. It’s known that every marketing plan must be implemented following a broader strategy based on solid data derived from reliable analysis.
AdsWarrior will support you with the necessary steps for a correct analysis of the market, discovering the nature of your target audience and the tactics to engage it, while creating the most suitable strategies for your needs.

Market Research & Insights

We help organizations to acquire and analyse relevant information about their business and target audience, but also to examine their current performances through tested procedures conducted by our seasoned team.

Competitor Analysis

We will investigate your direct and indirect competitors to verify your current positioning in the market and better organize our strategies for your case.

Existing Assets Analysis

AdsWarrior will conduct an in-depth analysis of your business and your digital assets with the aim of deepening the knowledge of your core values so as to better communicate them through our strategies.

Strategies Creation & Planning

Based on our initial research findings, we will formulate and execute the right strategies to help generate sustainable competitive advantage and consistent positive results.

Branding & Design

In China it is essential to have a brand identity suitable for the new audience. We will take care of your targeted branding strategies going from strategy to positioning, passing by visual identity and naming, and more!

IP Protection

Safeguarding intellectual property in a chaotic and huge market like China is by no means easy. Thanks to our in-depth experience, we will help you to protect your IP making you feel confident that the fruit of your work won't be be stolen by anyone.
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