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Digital Marketing in China

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October 7, 2020

The internet world in China is quite different from the rest of the world. Because of the GFW, there are no google , facebook or twitter, but the similar tools like Baidu, Weibo and Wechat. etc. We know how. With so many years of experience working with large companies and decent budget, we know how to make your business better in China.

Baidu SEM

For some industries, this is the most important portal because it brings leads directly.

Almost all big brands have already have their official wechat account. It’s more for branding and service.

Reputation Control

We could monitor and/or delete most of the negative articles for you, depends on your demands.


We could help to translate/review your website, make it more sensible to Chinese people.

Social Marketing

Media Buying

We understand which ones in China would be good for you. Prevent you from burning money.

Short Videos

Tik Tok which is originally from China is quite popular now. For some industry, it might be a good portal to increase explosure.